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Windy City Celery Sample

0.25 Ounces

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Salt Summary

As a tribute to the Second City, we crafted this premium version of the celery salt found on Chicago-style hot dogs. Our interpretation is inspired by the condiments of this classic dog, but than spiced up a bit with premium organic ingredients, including mustard seed and jalapeno.  Try on the rim of a bloody mary, with deviled eggs, or in clam chowder.

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Recommended Uses

  • Chicago-style hot dog
  • Tuna salad
  • Egg salad on toasted brioche with a thick slice of iceberg lettuce
  • Lightly-seared eggplant
  • Tomato and corn salad
  • White clam chowder
  • Blanched spinach
  • Venison stew
  • Sprinkled on chicken noodle soup
  • Minestrone or any bean-based soup
  • Penne pasta salad
  • In a Blood Mary, and also along the rim of the glass
  • Deviled eggs
  • Sautéed green beans
  • Spinach dip
  • Tuna noodle casserole
  • Grilled swordfish
  • Popcorn (mix into melted butter and spread on unsalted popcorn)

Salt Story

Chicagoans are serious about good food, with some of the finest culinary talent in the world calling Chicago home. One food Chicago is particularly well known for is its famous hot dogs. A true Chicago hot dog must comply with incredibly stringent standards that include: yellow mustard, finely diced white onions, day-glow green relish (referred to at Wrigley Field as “Nuclear Relish”), pickled ‘sport’ peppers or a crisp dill pickle spear, and tomato wedges or chunky slices. Never ever will ketchup (or even ‘catsup’) adorn a true Chicago-style hot dog. Of course, the final key flourish to this well-defined delight is celery salt, an often lackluster combination of ground celery seeds and highly-processed salt.

Since Beyond the Shaker’s operations are based in Chicago, and as a tribute to the phenomenal food found in the city, we set our Salt Chef out to formulate a first-class version of this seasoning that was more befitting Chicago’s food culture. Our premium interpretation of this classic seasoning combines the condiments of a Chicago hot dog without the pesky meat and bun.

We start with Murray River and premium unrefined kosher salts. Our delicate, flaky Murray River salt offers a bit of color, and a mild salinity that enhances the flavor of the other ingredients without overpowering them. We add organic micro-grain, whole mustard seed from the Brown Indian mustard plant for a nutty-crunch, and organic dried flakes of mild jalapeno for restrained heat. Premium-grade celery seeds add an unexpected, bright tangy flavor as well as a pleasant textural component to our unique blend. Finally, for further zest and depth, we mix in organic dried garlic and shallot. Together, these flavors unite in an aromatic and piquant salt blend worthy of being named after the city for which we pay culinary homage. Windy City Celery captures all the tantalizing flavors of a Chicago classic in one jar and further ups the ante with the use of premium ingredients.

The best part of Beyond the Shaker Windy City Celery salt is that it is so versatile. Sure, it makes a heck of a Chicago hot dog, but also use it to enhance any dish that starts with celery or mirepoix as a base: hearty chili, clam chowder or lentil soup. Dust over deviled eggs for a delightful, flavorful finish. Salt the rim of your Bloody Mary glass, or sprinkle over scrambled eggs to spice up your brunch. This is one of our easiest blended salts to use, so have fun and experiment!

Premium Ingredients

Murray River salt, kosher flake salt, celery seed, organic mustard seed, organic jalapeno, organic garlic and organic shallot.

Product Reviews

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  1. Tasty surprise

    Posted by Beth on April 6, 2017

    Have only tried this in egg salad so far, and it was delicious! Can't wait to experiment more.

  2. Added to my sandwich

    Posted by Jonathan U. on May 14, 2012

    I've always liked adding salt to my sandwiches, now I'm using flavored salts on sandwiches and pizza. I also like that there isn't shipping on samples.

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