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Hot Habanero Blend

3.00 Ounces

Product Description

Hot habanero salt blend

Salt Summary


Inspired by the flavors and vibrant colors of Mexican cuisine, we balance the heat of several types of chili peppers with Hawaiian Black Lava & Red Alaea salts. We then add organic carrot and cilantro to the mix to round out the taste-profile. Try this spicy blend on crab cakes, chicken tacos, or on a southwestern-style salad.

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Recommended Uses

  • Mexican-style seafood marinade (add the blend to lime juice and toss in a ziplock bag with firm fish or shrimp)
  • Sprinkle on the top of crab cakes (for extra flavor add bell pepper to a traditional crab cake recipe)
  • South of the Border Salad (mix blend with lettuce, diced avocado, green onion, romano cheese, refried beans, a squeeze of lime and a touch of vinegar)
  • Mexican-style barbeque sauce or rub
  • Tamales (add to dough mixture or cheese filling)
  • Rim the glass of a frozen lime margarita
  • Sprinkle on baked chicken breast just prior to serving
  • Add to cream cheese and generously spoon onto baked potatoes
  • Mixed into traditional Mexican rice
  • Dust over homemade nachos
  • Add to the top of cream of cauliflower soup with a drizzle of olive oil
  • Spicy compound butter (combine salt with softened butter and chill for later use on crusty toasted bread or with grilled vegetables)
  • Huevos rancheros (combine salt blend with chopped tomatoes and garlic, and puree in blender until smooth. Simmer in sauce pan that includes cooked onions. Fry eggs in a separate pan and plate the cooked eggs over the tomato mixture for serving)

Salt Story

We add several different chili peppers to our blend to create a comprehensive heat profile including ultra-spicy habanero, more mild guajillo, fruity ancho and slightly-sweet mulato. We then use organic dried cilantro and carrot to our blend, which unifies all of the ingredients to produce an intense but also mature flavor profile.

Our Hot Habanero is very versatile, which allows the home chef to add spicy heat to almost any meal. Sprinkle onto chopped chicken or ground beef for flavor-forward soft tacos. Try it on the rim of a bloody mary or saucy margarita for attention-grabbing flavor and color. Or add this blend to homemade salsa or guacamole for additional heat.


Premium Ingredients

Hawaiian Black Lava salt, Hawaiian Red Alaea salt, ancho peppers, habanero peppers, mulato peppers, guajillo peppers, organic carrots and organic cilantro.

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  1. Try on fresh garden vegetables

    Posted by Dr C on August 18, 2009

    My fresh garden cucumbers, broccoli, and tomatoes really "pop" when I sprinkle on this blend. I do not know how I ever enjoyed them without the hot habanero blend.

  2. yum

    Posted by JCB on July 16, 2009

    I really like this one - it's great on just about everything. Spicy but not painful. I've even taken it out to sushi restaurants and put it on edamame - so good. The waiter gives you a funny look but it's worth it. There are some chewy bits in there, I like them but my wife doesn't care for them.

  3. Hot and Good!

    Posted by Judy on July 13, 2009

    Great spicy blend, and the carrots really give the heat some balance. Can't wait to try it on some hot and sweet chicken wings, my favorite spicy dish of the moment!

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