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Hickory Maple Blend Sample

0.25 Ounces

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Salt Summary

Escape to the deep woods of Canada with this curious, yet alluring combination of salt, sweet & smoke.  Maple sugar & vanilla mingle with smoky, unrefined salts, and earth-toned garlic & pepper for incredible depth of flavor. Exceptional on any pork dish, with wilted chard, sprinkled on burgers, or dashed on sliced peaches.

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Recommended Uses

  • Rub on grilled pork chops prior to cooking
  • Sprinkle on apple sauce (seriously, so good)
  • Remove the skin of brie cheese and gently coat before baking
  • Add to new york strip steak right before grilling
  • Mix with butter and toss in ziplock bag with unsalted peanuts
  • Add to mashed yams or sweet potatoes
  • Rub on skinless/boneless chicken breast and roast in oven
  • Sprinkle on sautéed zucchini
  • Use on glazed root vegetables (turnips, celeriac or pearl onions)
  • Rub on a lamb shank before slow-cooking

Salt Story

Close your eyes for a moment (ok, not all the way since you still have to read this description and admire the pictures of the salt), take a deep breath filling your lungs down into your abdomen, and then slowly exhale through your nose and pursed mouth. Imagine yourself in a wintery pinewood forest, deep in the northern expanses of Canada. The forest is calm and motionless as the early morning sun casts long shadows on the white snow-covered ground. Keeping you warm is a roaring fire of hickory and alderwood logs, which exude a gloriously pungent smoke that envelopes your body. You savor every taste of the breakfast you eat by the fire, as fluffy pancakes drizzled with freshly harvested maple syrup and deliciously smoky Canadian bacon (the vegan-variety if you are a vegetarian) fill your mouth with flavor. Now gently leave this magical imagined moment and come back to your reality with the satisfaction that you can always be transported to this sensory experience again through use of our Hickory Maple Blend.

If you take a close look at the enlarged pictures of the Hickory Maple Blend, you will quickly notice the enticing details of the premium ingredients used to produce an amazing aroma and flavor. First, for crunch, color and depth of salinity we use mineral rich sel gris from France. Second, we add in a bit of our unrefined Alderwood Smoke salt and slightly-sweet fumee de sel for a rich and complex smoky tone. Next, we layer on more wood-infused sweetness through the addition of organic maple sugar granules from Canada and Caribbean vanilla bean that we grind just prior to adding to the blend. Finally, to complete this multifaceted journey of flavor, we mix in zesty organic garlic and a uniquely earthy, twelve pepper blend. Together these tastes and aromas mingle to form a cavernously deep flavor profile that will tempt you to try this blend on almost any food, savory or sweet.

Create dramatic impact by adding this gourmet blend to every pork dish imaginable (rub on pork chops for a delicious grilled surprise), or with steamed tofu and a peanut dipping sauce. Both duck and chicken gain new dimension when this salt is added to recipes. Be creative and try this blend on fresh fruit or sprinkled on soft cheeses.

Premium Ingredients

Sel gris, alderwood smoke, fumee de sel, organic maple sugar, organic garlic, & Madagascar vanilla beans.

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Premium Ingredients

Sel gris, alderwood smoke, fumee de sel, organic maple sugar, organic garlic, & Madagascar vanilla beans.
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