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Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

4.25 Ounces

Product Description

Salt Summary

Hawaiian Black Lava is a titillating blend of naturally flaky sea salt harvested from the Pacific Ocean, and carbon-rich black lava from Hawaii. Lovely on seared halibut, eggs benedict, caesar salad, roasted turkey breast that has been thinly sliced, or grilled eggplant medallions.

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Recommended Uses

  • Before baking, brush pizza crust or dinner rolls with olive oil and dress with Hawaiian Black Lava Salt
  • Herb and salt crusted lamb chops
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Seared scallops
  • Eggs benedict
  • Caesar Salad with shaved parmesan
  • Sashimi or nigiri sushi
  • Thick sliced turkey breast
  • Grilled eggplant
  • Sliced tomatoes
  • Sunny-side up eggs

Salt Story

With the polished neon-noir shine of obsidian, this naturally derived sea salt is sure to get noticed for its dramatic splendor and taste. The sea salt is derived from the sparkling Pacific Ocean waters surrounding the pristine island of Molokai. Largely undeveloped and undisturbed, this secluded island, provides the ideal conditions for pure, mineral rich, sea salt. To avoid stripping these natural minerals from the salt, it is harvested by slowly extracting the oceanic water in a solar evaporator. This technique of using the sun’s penetrating rays to naturally coax the precious salt flakes from the surrounding ocean helps preserve the salt in its purest possible state and consistency.

The harvested sea salt is then combined with native-Hawaiian black lava, which is abundant in activated carbon. Activated charcoal, an unlikely flavor agent, is treasured for its detoxifying properties and is known to aid digestion.

This glossy salt adds a spectacular finish to elegant tuna ceviche or simple sliced turkey breast. Even sunny-side up eggs, with their bright whites and shiny yolks, will look spectacular and taste even better after seasoning with Hawaiian Black Lava.

Premium Ingredients

Pure unrefined sea salt and natural Hawaiian black lava.

Product Reviews

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  1. Simply Cool.

    Posted by Sarah J on November 14, 2017

    It's by far one of the coolest looking salts money can buy. And it's great for digestion since it's been activated with charcoal. Taste? Gourmet salt. Not to be confused with the black salt that smells like sulfur. Hawaiian Black Lava is scentless.

  2. Love this for a taste treat as well as a feast for the eyes!

    Posted by Unknown on December 30, 2014

    We use this for our baked potatoes, amongst other items, with a small amount of good Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some fresh ground pepper. Makes a pretty and crisp and flavorful skin. Love the taste which is not overpowering and the way it looks on my food

  3. Stunning flavor!

    Posted by Unknown on October 11, 2013

    This salt is one to get people talking! Not only is it incredibly delicious, but it's a striking and beautiful finishing salt! The flavor of this is wonderful, don't be put off by the black color. This is rich without being too salty, and makes a striking presentation to any dish. I especially love it on potatoes and to finish off egg dishes. A must for any salt lover!!

  4. Where's the carbon in Hawaiian lava?

    Posted by Jean SmilingCoyote on July 10, 2010

    I've never been near this stuff but heard about Priebe's "lava steak" on WTTW. I studied some Geology in college. I looked up the chemical composition of basalt, and in particular Hawaiian basalt, online. Unless it's in "other," there's no carbon to speak of in this or any basalt. I'd like to see a report from an independent petrologist.

    Beyond the Shaker Response:
    Thanks Jean! Our Hawaiian Black Lava salt is evaporated with back lava rock, and then charcoal is added. The carbon that you are asking about is actually a product of the charcoal which is about 10% carbon. As you probably know, charcoal is also a great digestive aid, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try for yourself!

  5. A wonderful flavor kick

    Posted by Trish on January 27, 2010

    I added this to a ragout of red wine, garlic, chicken, sweet peppers and tomatoes and it changed the flavor into something amazing. It was a fabulous flavor!!

  6. Interesting salt...

    Posted by Tammy L. on November 8, 2009

    This salt is very tasty. Not as salty as I thought it would be. The color is really cool. I put it in mashed potatoes and it contrasted with the salt in a unique way.

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Premium Ingredients

Pure unrefined sea salt and natural Hawaiian black lava.
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