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Chef's Essential Salt Tower

48.00 Ounces

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This set includes:

  • Hawaiian Black Lava Salt
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Sel Gris (Grey French Sea Salt)
  • Alderwood Smoked Salt
The holiday season is here and you want to give the gift of that keeps on giving! Give that person who spends time in the kitchen a wonderful treat of completely unique, gourmet sea salts. 

This set is a delectable salt package comprised of 3 of our favorite finishing and cooking salts and 1 smoked salt to give any dish a nice BBQ / smokey flavor.

Salt Set Story

Hawaiian Black Lava is an all natural sea salt that has been activated with charcoal. It's harvested off the coast of Molokai by local family salt-farmers. It has nearly 15% mineral content, making it a "healthier" salt to consume. It's a wonderful way to add color to a dish like atop seared scallops, or over steamed cauliflower. We recommend it primarily as a finishing salt (vs. a cooking salt).

Next, we have Himalayan Pink salt, which is mined by hand from ancient salt deposits deep beneath the Himalayan Mountain range. This salt is perfect for curing, brine applications or cooking. It's a "salty" salt meaning a little bit goes a long way!

Sel Gris is a wonderful finishing salt and it's known as the healthiest of all. This salt has the highest mineral content and it makes for a great finishing salt. It's also known as Celtic Sea Salt and its cousin is Fleur de Sel which also comes from France.
Finally, we round out with foursome with Alderwood Smoked Salt. It's one of our favorite smoked salts and we we sprinkle it on veggies, over a sirloin or pork loin, dust over any soup or mix it into ground beef. It's extremely versatile and a great way to impart natural smoke to any dish!

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  1. YUM!!

    Posted by Lori Cogan on December 5, 2017

    The salts are amazing! love every one! they arrived quickly and the customer service was great!

  2. Best Addition to a Spice Rack

    Posted by Robb on August 26, 2017

    An amazing taste of some of the wonderful products this company produces. Whether as a topping or part of a recipe, you can't go wrong with any of these flavors.

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