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Applewood Smoked Bacon Salt Bulk

8.00 Ounces
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Product Description

NEW! Launched August 2014!

We've been asked for years to develop an all-natural, bacon salt. A bacon salt made WITH real bacon and WITHOUT all the nitrates, preservatives and other chemicals that simply aren't healthy or natural. After many iterations, our microbiologist confirmed our 12 month shelf life and WE confirmed the taste and quality didn't suffer.

This amazing, smokey, meaty Bacon Salt is made by dehydrating cooked bacon, then crumbling it into a mixture of various sea salts and smoked salts. As they say... Bacon makes everything better and salt brings out the flavor in food... so this incredible new blend will bring out the flavor of your food and turn simple things upside down (like eggs, burgers, mashed potatoes, veggies and everything else that you love).


Recommended Uses:

  • Dust over your eggs of course! 
  • Add smokey, bacony goodness to your mashed potatoes
  • Amazing atop sliced tomatoes
  • Sprinkle over a Rib Eye or Filet Mignon
  • It's a perfect finish to grilled asparagus
  • Fold a little bit into ground beef for amazing meatballs
  • Use over grilled summer squash
  • Spruce up your pasta salad with just 2 pinches
  • Add a little bit to tuna salad for a bacony tuna sandwich
  • A light dusting over rice and beans
  • Bacon makes everything better!

Salt Story:

The story is a simple story about the finest ingredients without any preservatives, nitrates or chemicals. We wanted to create a bacon salt for a VERY long time... and we finally finished the hard (but tastey) R&D process. We wanted to make sure we had the best preservative-FREE bacon and combine it with the highest quality sea salts and smoked salts. We also had to make sure it was shelf stable (confirmed by our microbiologist) and make sure the quality didn't suffer in any way. And after roughly 12 months of various iterations we finally produced the all-natural, Applewood Smoked Bacon Sea Salt that we set out to make. It's amazing. Dare we say like a delicate slap in the face? Does that even make sense? It's delicate but very smokey. It's bacony but you don't lose the brinyness of the various sea salts. It's absolutely amazing and we DARE you to find a better ALL-natural Bacon Sea Salt on the market!

Premium Ingredients:

All natural sea salt, Applewood smoked sea salt, Alderwood smoked sea salt, all-natural bacon bits.

Product Reviews

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  1. applewood smoked bacon

    Posted by Unknown on February 3, 2017

    Awesome salt!!. Had first bought at a local farmers market in a shaker. It's great that they have the refill bags so can refill the shaker!

  2. Best on eggs or anything that can be enhanced with bacon

    Posted by ROSE on December 8, 2016

    I love this bacon/salt. For me, almost anything can be enhanced with bacon, so i "dust: this on almost everything (but I don't go so far as to use it on ice cream or other sweets). It is phenomenal!

  3. Best with eggs (Bacon and Eggs )

    Posted by Dorothy Rulon on July 27, 2016

    I love the Bacon "salt", it is perfect on eggs and I sprinkle it in other foods as well (fish, chicken, beef) anything that tastes good with bacon - which is everything).

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