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Red Alaea Salt

4.45 Ounces

Product Description

Salt Summary

Pure and natural Pacific sea salt combines with red alaea clay from Hawaii to give this salt a distinctive burnt sienna hue. Add style & flavor with use on stir-fried shrimp, scrambled eggs topped with diced green pepper or creamy fettuccine alfredo.

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Recommended Uses

  • Mix with butter and bread crumbs to top baked Macaroni and Cheese
  • Oven baked pork chops
  • Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Shrimp stirfry
  • Seared scallops
  • Chicken rice-pilaf
  • Sprinkle on small birds that are mostly white meat (pheasants & quails) prior to roasting
  • Garlic pesto (add at the end for a colorful touch)
  • Cold mayonnaise or mustard-based potato salad
  • Grilled strips of zucchini

Salt Story

Ancient Hawaiians used Red Alaea Salt not only to preserve food, but as a part of their sacred rituals. They discovered the salt after heavy rains caused red alaea clay deposits to wash into the ocean. The seawater combined with the clay in small tidal pools along the coast where the water previously evaporated, leaving a lovely high mineral salt behind. This salmon-colored salt has medium sized crystals, perfect for finishing dishes that cry out for color. Our Red Alaea Salt has a high mineral content and a more intense salinity. The red alaea clay is particularly high in iron, making this salt a great addition to your diet.

Add style to your food with Red Alaea Salt. Spice up bread and butter by mixing Red Alaea into softened, unsalted butter. Combine Red Alaea with olive oil and breadcrumbs to top baked pasta dishes, such as macaroni and cheese or tuna noodle casserole. Red Alaea will glow on white, ocean fish, such as halibut or swordfish. Prepare chicken, pork or fish in a thick Red Alaea crust for a steamy, show-stopping presentation.

Premium Ingredients

Pure unrefined sea salt and red Hawaiian alaea clay.

Product Reviews

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  1. Red Alaea

    Posted by Jenny on December 4, 2013

    Very unique and beautiful! Will order again.

  2. Gorgeous, AND tasty!!

    Posted by Nicole F. on October 2, 2013

    This salt is simply amazing! After trying various salts, I've learned that not all salts are created equal. Red Alaea is an incredibly versatile salt. I love it sprinkled on eggs as a finishing salt to get a nice crunch. It's divine on potatoes and chicken as well. I love that this salt is high in minerals, and you definitely don't need much. Just a pinch gives any dish wonderful flavor! A must for any salt lover!

  3. Wow... salty!

    Posted by Wade M. on September 26, 2013

    This is great for cooking because a little bit goes a long way. I didn't realize how salty Red Alaea would be.

  4. New Fave

    Posted by Unknown on September 26, 2013

    It's my go-to for adding taste and color!

  5. Decorating with Beyond the Shaker Salts

    Posted by Sally from Seattle on July 26, 2010

    Wow, we just had our kitchen redone and our decorator saw the 4 jars of salt on our counter from Beyond the Shaker and she suggested using them as part of a back counter display-so we went online and ordered every pure salt available and then stacked them two and three hight behind the stove-really "eye catching."
    PS, I actually tried some of the other salts and found them all to be enhancements to our cooking-thank you Beyond the Shaker for "shaking" things up!!

  6. Awesome color and flavor. Super Red. Red!

    Posted by Marci S. on September 14, 2009

    This salt is shockingly red. Think red and then times it by ten. Yeah, it is that red. Really tasty though. This is a larger granule of salt, but the color and flavor is great. Lots of uses...especially on a white canvas (fish, scallops, rice, yum).

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Premium Ingredients

Pure unrefined sea salt and red Hawaiian alaea clay.
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