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Himalayan Pink Salt

4.20 Ounces

Product Description

Salt Summary

Himalayan Pink packs a punch of salinity and a high mineral content. This salt, with its large granular crystals, is ideal for complex dishes where ingredients need to be seasoned often. Try it in sea bass stew, with salt-crusted vegetables or on pulled pork that has been slow-cooked for several hours.

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Recommended Uses

  • Salt crusted red or yellow beets
  • Salt crusted tilapia
  • Cured meats
  • In any brining solution
  • Mustard-based egg salad
  • Steaming solution for whole lobster (instead of water, try a dry white wine)
  • On a celeriac salads (julienne raw and lightly mix with Himalayan Pink, mayonnaise and mustard)
  • In broccoli gratin
  • On a steamed spinach salad
  • In pasta salad
  • Fish stews

Salt Story

The high mineral content, including a concentration of copper, magnesium and iron, lends this salt its rosy hue. Mined by hand according to long-standing tradition from ancient salt deposits in the Himalayan Mountains, the salt is then crushed, cleaned, and dried in the sun. The medium crystals, ranging from white to rose to dark pink.

Himalayan Pink is the ideal choice for complex dishes where ingredients need to be seasoned at every step. Consider using this robust salt for curing meats or as a replacement for kosher salt in brine, since we provide it to you in a very coarse form. Try Himalayan Pink as a salt crust for fish, meats or vegetables to wow your guests. The color combined with the exotic flavor will be a sure show-stopper in almost any dish.

Premium Ingredients

Pure salt harvested by hand from Himalayan mines.

Product Reviews

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  1. Himalayan Pink

    Posted by Vincent J. on September 14, 2013

    Love this salt! No comparison to table salt. I've now converted. Thanks!

  2. Perfect for roasting!

    Posted by Susan A. on November 11, 2010

    I have been using this salt a lot for roasting, and just want to sing its praises. The larger grain size really lets it withstand heat for a long time and the color is just amazing on this salt. I am a huge fan, and I think this is the salt that was Oprah, so we know it is good! Enjoy.

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Premium Ingredients

Pure salt harvested by hand from Himalayan mines.
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