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Blended Salts

Blended Salts
Salts blends
Salt is often augmented with other natural elements to add to its mission of infusing flavor, depth, and color to culinary endeavors.  These types of salt are often perfect when used in any type of application, but they tend to really shine as finishing salts, that is, salts that add a little special something to a dish before serving to your guests.
If the kitchen were a kindergarten, and ingredients were students, salt would definitely get gold stars for playing well with others—and our exciting varieties of blended salts are proof of it.  Salt, as we know, has an amazing ability to work well with all kinds of different foods and flavors, and we've developed some really exciting blended salts that will help you get some culinary gold stars with your dishes.
Our salts in the Beyond Blends series use the Pure Foundation salts as a base and then extend the flavor using only the finest ingredients supplied mostly from premium organic or sustainable sources.

Some popular examples of blended salts include herb salts, smoked and roasted salts, and countless other varieties that tap into nature's most delicious bounty.

Throw away your salt shaker, quickly
No other condiment holds as revered and as permanent a place on every restaurant and kitchen table as salt does. This is quite an honor, of course, to be considered such a staple. Unfortunately, the ubiquitous salt shaker isn't really doing much for your dish or your taste buds.
Salt shaker
Table salt is usually mass-produced, refined salt, but don't let the word "refined" fool you—table salt is far from sophisticated. Refined salt contains additives and agents to prevent it from excessive drying and caking. These additives can often result in a strong, bitter taste—and that hardly enhances your eating experience.
Our gourmet salts are naturally lower in sodium content as compared to table salt in the same serving size and satisfy your salt needs in a tastier way. We want our meals to be delicious, not brackish!
High consumption of refined salt can even have negative affects on our health while natural, unrefined salts maintain their beneficial qualities to our health—not to mention these natural, unrefined salts taste much, much better.
Controversy and confusion abounds around this topic, and it's important to stay informed and know the facts. Writer Gary Taubes investigated this rampant controversy and confusion over salt for the esteemed scientific journal, Science, published by the highly-regarded American Association for the Advancement of Science. Taubes, who won an award from the National Association of Science Writers for the report, concluded:
"After interviews with some 80 researchers, clinicians, and administrators around the world, it is safe to say that if ever there were a controversy over the interpretation of scientific data, this is it…After decades of intensive research, the apparent benefits of avoiding salt have only diminished. This suggests either that the true benefit has now been revealed and is indeed small or that it is non-existent and researchers believing they have detected such benefits have been deluded by the confounding of other variables."
Don't let the confusion dupe you. Toss the shaker, and treat your table to an array of natural, unrefined, salts that are certain to add excitement to your dishes.
Shapes and sizes of gourmet salt
Salt can take many different forms for a multitude of uses.  Sizes and shapes can run from very fine to very coarse.
Different salt sizes
Salt terms
Don't just enjoy the salt; learn the lingo!
Salt spoons