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The story of Beyond The Shaker is an interesting one. 

I have always been a self-proclaimed foodie with a passion for cooking. I've also always wanted to run my own food-based business. In 2009, I decided to leave the safety and security of finance and go back to school to earn my MBA to equip myself with the tools necessary for running a small business.

Upon graduation, I was looking to purchase a small start-up in the food industry. After a grueling and lengthy search, serendipity struck in February 2012, and I discovered Beyond The Shaker was on the market.

The company was established just two years earlier in Traverse City, Michigan, by brothers Chris and Tyler McVety. I flew out to Michigan to meet with them in person and learn the daily operations of running a gourmet, sea salt company. We negotiated a purchase price and I moved the entire operations to Woburn, MA.

What a whirlwind! But having earned a degree in entrepreneurship I felt prepared to take on the challenge as a full-time owner. My wife spends much of her free time helping grow the business while she continues her day-job working in cardiac rehab at the Melrose-Wakefield Hospital.




It's been an amazing journey so far and the best part is creating new blends with the finest, organic ingredients and all-natural sea salt for all of you to enjoy! Each blend is created in small, 10 gallon batches in an effort maintain the quality of each batch. We're thrilled to work with some of the best suppliers in New England in an effort to support other local businesses.

We hope you enjoy our all-natural salt blends and we encourage you to check out our Recipe Portal and our comprehensive Salt Guide... because all salt is Not created equal.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and thank you for choosing Beyond The Shaker!



Scott and Sarah Rousseau