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Beyond The Shaker is an innovative sea salt company striving to enhance gourmet cooking at home.  The company is based in Woburn MA, and is owned and operated by Kristen J. Bates of Stoneham MA.  Kristen recently purchased the company in a private sale from Scott Rousseau.

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Beyond the Shaker has a line of natural and unrefined sea salts and also markets a collection of unique and proprietary blends that pair their salts with premium local herbs and spices.

One of Beyond The Shaker’s guiding principles is to educate consumers on salt; the types of salt, the history of this important mineral, health risks associated with the daily use of typical processed table salt, and the gamut of practical uses for the sea’s “white gold.” Over the last decade there has been a tremendous movement toward consumption of natural, local and organic food products. Ironically, what many consider the most important ingredient in the kitchen (salt) has been primarily available only as a highly processed shadow of an otherwise naturally occurring mineral.

Our ingredients are organic, sourced locally and blended by a top-rated chef in Massachusetts. We offer natural, unrefined salts that add depth to the flavor of your food. We only use natural, premium ingredients because salt should draw out the natural flavors and qualities of your food.

We are bringing salt back to its roots: natural, delicious, versatile, and essential to your health.

 Beyond the Shaker owner, Kristen J. BatesKristen Bates with our Himalayan Pink Salt