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New! Taste of Tuscany

New! Taste of Tuscany




Introducing Taste of Tuscany, the newest flavor in the Beyond The Shaker Herb-Infused Collection. In a great mix of our Sel Gris salt, basil, parsely, oregano, garlic, and other spices, Taste of Tuscany stands out as the number one choice for a union of the best Italian Herbs out there. 

Now, you might be thinking. "Hey Beyond The Shaker? Don't they already have mixes of Italian Herbs like this that I can buy at the supermarket?" To which we reply... Sure, if you want a bunch of old and dry herbs in a shaker. Luckily, we like to think that we, ahem, go "Beyond The Shaker" with a premium mix that you've never seen before. Here are the top 5 reasons why Beyond The Shaker's Taste of Tuscany is ready to replace your go-to italian spices and bring your pizzas, pasta sauces, and more to a whole new level. 



5. Premium Packaging 




It’s time to ditch the old container in the back of the cupboard. As with our other blends, Taste of Tuscany’s contents are enclosed and sealed in a high quality glass jar that is shipped over from Italy. Even after you are done with the salt you can use it for other purposes, or use it to store a Taste of Tuscany refill.



4. Sel Gris


Sel Gris is the chosen salt we went with to mix in the Taste of Tuscany blend. This sea salt was given the honor to be mixed with our Italian blend for it’s thick and moist consistency that brings the herbs together. Through this mix you’ll see how it enhances the flavors of the herbs in a whole new way.

3. Top Quality Ingredients



Basil, Parsley, and Oregano are the powerhouses behind Taste of Tuscany. We put in sage and a hint of garlic for good measure for a real quality flavor that we felt was missing from the world of Italian spices. Not only that but our fresh ingredients are mixed by hand so you know that you have a new product that hasn’t been sitting on shelves of old warehouses or supermarket shelves for months.

2. Value



Go to your local supermarket and you’ll find a tiny container of dry Italian herbs for around $4-10. Sounds like a rip off if you ask me. Why not have a premium glass jar, Sel Gris sea salt, and locally mixed herbs all together in one package for around the same price? I think the decision is easy.  A Taste of Tuscany jar retails for $12.99 but for a 3 day limited time only special Taste of Tuscany will be $10.40 (20% off) from October 22nd until October 25th. Now that’s VALUE.

1. Taste


We can describe Taste of Tuscany all we want but in the end it’s up to you decide for yourself if this blend is worth the hype. It’s your satisfaction that Beyond The Shaker cares about and it’s our goal to replace that dusty container of herbs you’d find in the cupboard with a new product that will bring your Italian cooking (and your taste buds) up to a whole new level. 

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