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Why Gourmet Sea Salt?

Why Gourmet Sea Salt?


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Did you know that table salt is made in a factory where it goes through many processes before it is made into the  clumpy white sand we all know? What if there was an alternative that would spice up your favorite food. Oh wait! There is! It’s called Gourmet Sea Salt and more specifically… Beyond The Shaker.

You see, sea salt is created either by being mined or dried out from the sea. It’s true that at the end of the day salt is still sodium, but wouldn’t you rather have your salt without all the harmful chemicals? I know I would.

Sure there are other brands of sea salt out there you can buy, but Beyond The Shaker is by far the best brand of gourmet sea salt I have ever tasted. Forget the boxes you see most sea salt in nowadays and opt for the beautiful glass jar that each of our blends occupy.

In addition to the traditional salts such as Fleur del Sel, Murray River, and Himalayan Pink, Beyond The Shaker offers are own unique and hand crafted blends such as Hickory Maple seen above.

Never again will you have to hurt your heart any longer with table salt.

It’s time to think differently about salt!