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How To: Margaritas & Salt

How To: Margaritas & Salt



Ordering margaritas at a restaurant can be a nice elegant indulgence, but have you ever wondered if you could try it yourself? With our salt you can create your own delicious drink!

What you have to do first is take out a jar of your favorite Beyond The Shaker blend. The top two types we recommend for this task are Fleur de Sel and Murray River salt.


Rimming a glass with salt ensures that every sip you take will include a little salt action, and the steps to salting a glass couldn’t be simpler.  

  1. Pour about a quarter of a cup of the salt of your choice onto a plate that is big enough to accommodate the rim of your glass, and spread the salt around evenly.
  2. Use a slice of lime or lemon to coat the rim of your glass liberally with juice.
  3. Dip the edge of your glass into the salt and move it slowly in a circle to make sure you are getting good coverage on the rim.
  4. Lift the glass, and tap slightly to remove any excess salt that wasn’t lucky enough to make it on the rim.
  5. Turn right side up, and fill with your beverage.
  6. Enjoy!

When rimming your glass with salt, flake form salts are the best choice. The flakes look very lovely on the rim and dissolve easily when you take a sip. Try Himalyan Pink salt for a flare of color or the bone-white Fleur de Sel for a crunchy kick.

Also, Margaritas aren’t the only lucky beverages that get to benefit from a salted rim. The Salty Dog—a simply delicious drink consisting of vodka or gin and grapefruit juice—also comes garnished with a salted rim.